Luca Sambucci

Luca Sambucci

Artificial intelligence
My main goal is to help and encourage people, organisations and governments to make use of artificial intelligence technologies in the most beneficial way, accelerating AI-based solutions to address business, personal and real-world problems.

what i do

artificial intelligence
My main area of activity is artificial intelligence, where I earned an Applied AI Professional certificate from IBM and a Machine Learning certification from Google Cloud.
I hold one of the longest track records in the cybersecurity industry with over three decades of activity in the field (I started analysing malware in 1989).
Throughout my experience I held various leadership roles. I created companies, led teams, founded industry associations and managed key projects.
industry action
I am member of the leading artificial intelligence and cybersecurity industry associations, where I engage in work groups and I contribute to publications.

my current projects

some perspective

0 first computer
0 first virus analysis
0 first PGP key
0 first website